Friday, 28 July 2017

Edwards Lab: The SLiMEnrich Shiny App is now live

Edwards Lab: The SLiMEnrich Shiny App is now live: Sobia ’s first Shiny App is now up and running for final pre-publication testing on our new EdwardsLab RShiny server. See post for details.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Problem with SLiMFinder bioware webserver

There is currently a problem with the SLiMFinder webserver hosted at UCD, where masking is failing to be performed, regardless of settings. This severely impacts the quality of results. (Disorder, low complexity and n-terminal methionine masking are generally recommended for SLiMFinder.)

I am in communication with the Shields lab to try and get the issue fixed but, until it has been rectified, the SLiMFinder webserver should not be used.

If you wish to run SLiMFinder online, you can do so via the SLiMFinder REST server (see BioInfoSummer 2016 workshop), which can also be run from within Cytoscape using the SLiMScape App.

Friday, 27 January 2017

SLiMSuite species codes

SLiMSuite species codes are designed to follow the UniprotKB organism (species) identification codes, using them wherever possible. They form part of the standard gene_SPECIES__AccNum naming convention for sequences within SLiMSuite. Species codes should be upper case, and unique for each species.