Saturday, 24 November 2012

New SLiMSuite, SeqSuite and RJESuite releases are now available

New releases of SLiMSuite, SeqSuite and RJESuite are now available from the Edwards Lab software page.

Please note that the documentation (particularly the manuals) are still lagging a bit behind, so do report anything that does not make sense. The default settings also need to be verified as there is a chance that some of these may have inadvertently changed over the years. (The same core code is now used for the webservers, which often have different defaults.) Checking these along with updating and checking the servers themselves are ongoing priorities.

A full list of updated modules is given below. As well as SLiMMaker now handling end of sequence characters, the biggest changes this release are updates to CompariMotif to (3.7) output unmatched input motifs and (3.8) improve handling of partially overlapping ambiguous positions (e.g. [AGS] and [ST]). The motivation behind both these changes is the ongoing benchmarking (and preparation for publication) of QSLiMFinder and the creation of SLiMBench for benchmarking motif prediction methods. A QSLiMFinder section has been added to the SLiMFinder Manual (section 5.4). SLiMBench is still a work in progress and will be documented in a later release.

Updates since last release:

• comparimotif_V3: Updated from Version 3.6.
→ Version 3.7: Added coreIC and output of unmatched motifs.
→ Version 3.8: Added overlaps=T/F : Whether to include overlapping ambiguities (e.g. [KR] vs [HK]) as match [True]
→ Version 3.8: Changed scoring of overlapping ambiguities - uses IC of all possible ambiguities. Added "Ugly" match type.

• slimbench: Created.
→ Version 0.0: Initial Compilation.
→ Version 0.1: Functional version with benchmarking dataset generation.
→ Version 1.0: Consolidation of "working" version with additional basic benchmarking analysis.
→ Version 1.1: Added simulated dataset construction and benchmarking.
→ Version 1.2: Added MinIC filtering to benchmark assessment. Sorted beginning/end of line for reduced ELMs.
→ Version 1.3: Made SimCount a list rather than Integer. Sorted CompariMotif assessment issue.
→ Version 1.4: Added ICCut and SLiMLenCut as lists and output columns.
→ Version 1.5: Added Summary Results output table. Removed PropRes.

• slimmaker: Updated from Version 1.0.
→ Version 1.1: Modified to work with end of line characters.

• slimsearch: Updated from Version 1.5.
→ Version 1.6: Minor tweaks to Log output. Add option for UPC number in occ output.

• rje: Updated from Version 4.1.
→ Version 4.2: Modified INI reading across the board to look in ../settings/ and look for defaults.ini as well as rje.ini.
→ Version 4.2: Enabled handing on -ini FILE in addition to ini=FILE.
→ Version 4.3: Added ilist and nlist types to cmdRead for objects. (Lists of integers and floats). Add ratio() function.

• rje_blast: Updated from Version 1.13.
→ Version 1.14: Added blast.checkProg(qtype,stype) to check whether blastp setting matches sequence formats.

• rje_db: Created.
→ Version 0.0: Initial Compilation.
→ Version 0.1: Added merge tables option.
→ Version 0.2: Miscellaneous updates to various methods.
→ Version 0.3: Minor doc tweaks and added keepFields().

• rje_seq: Updated from Version 3.12.
→ Version 3.13: Updated sequence type checking for use with GABLAM 2.10.

• rje_seqlist: Created.
→ Version 0.0: Initial Compilation. Based on rje_seq 3.10.
→ Version 0.1: Added basic species filtering and sequence output.
→ Version 0.2: Added upper case filtering.
→ Version 0.3: Added accnum filtering and sequence renaming.
→ Version 0.4: Added sequence redundancy filtering.
→ Version 0.5: Added newgene=X for sequence renaming (newgene_spcode__newaccXXX). NewAcc no longer fixed Upper Case.
→ Version 1.0: Upgraded to "ready" Version 1.0. Added concatenate=T and split=X options for sequence concatenation.
→ Version 1.0: Added reading of sequence type from and mixed=T/F.
→ Version 1.1: Added shortName() and modified SeqDict.

• rje_sequence: Updated from Version 2.0.
→ Version 2.1: Added re_unirefprot = re.compile('^([A-Za-z0-9\-]+)\s+([A-Za-z0-9]+)_([A-Za-z0-9]+)\s+')

• rje_slim: Updated from Version 1.5.
→ Version 1.6: Fixed splitting bug introduced by lower case motifs.

• rje_slimcore: Updated from Version 1.8.
→ Version 1.9: Minor modifications to Log output. Updated motifSeq() function to output unmasked sequences.

• rje_slimlist: Updated from Version 0.6.
→ Version 1.0: Functional module with lower case motif splitting fixed and ? -> .{0,1} replacement.

• rje_zen: Updated from Version 1.0.
→ Version 1.1: Added a few more words here and there.

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