Monday 2 July 2018

SLiMSuite Downloads

UPDATE: Please see the Downloads page for the most recent release.

The current SLiMSuite release is v1.4.0 (2018-07-02) and can be downloaded by clicking the button (left).

In addition to the tarball available via the links above, SLiMSuite is available as a GitHub repository (right).


See also: Installation and Setup.

Previous Releases

SLiMSuite release v1.4.0 (2018-06-02) now oline

SLiMSuite release v1.4.0 (2018-07-02) is now on GitHub. The REST servers have also been updated to run this version of the code.

This release of SLiMSuite contains a number of updates related to the REST servers and some new pre-release dev tools in the main repo (but not the *.tgz file).

SeqList has updated sequence summary statistics and grep-based redundancy removal for large genomes.

One major bug fix is a change to parsing Uniprot entries from the website following a change in behaviour of the API.

SLiMSuite updates

Updates in extras/:

• rje_pydocs: Updated from Version 2.16.3.
→ Version 2.16.4: Tweaked formatDocString.
→ Version 2.16.5: Added general commands to docstring HTML for REST servers.
→ Version 2.16.6: Modified parsing to keep DocString for SPyDarm runs.
→ Version 2.16.7: Fixed T/F/FILE option type parsing bug.

Updates in libraries/:

• rje_blast_V2: Updated from Version 2.18.0.
→ Version 2.19.0: Added blastgz=T/F : Whether to zip and unzip BLAST results files [False]
→ Version 2.19.1: Fixed erroneous i=-1 blastprog over-ride but not sure why it was happening.
→ Version 2.20.0: Added localGFF output
→ Version 2.21.0: Added blasttask=X setting for BLAST -task ['megablast']
→ Version 2.22.0: Added dust filter for blastn and setting blastprog based on blasttask
→ Version 2.22.1: Added trimLocal error catching for exonerate issues.
→ Version 2.22.2: Fixed GFF attribute case issue.

• rje_db: Updated from Version 1.8.6.
→ Version 1.9.0: Added comment output to saveToFile().

• rje_disorder: Updated from Version 0.8.
→ Version 1.0.0: Added random disorder function and elevated to v1.x as fully functional for SLiMSuite
→ Version 1.1.0: Added strict option for disorder method selection. Added minorder=X.
→ Version 1.2.0: Added saving and loading scores to IUScoreDir/.

• rje_gff: Created/Renamed/moved.
→ Version 0.0.0: Initial Compilation.
→ Version 0.1.0: Basic functional version.

• rje_hpc: Updated from Version 1.1.
→ Version 1.1.1: Added output of subjob command to log as run.

• rje_html: Updated from Version 0.2.1.
→ Version 0.3.0: Added optional loading of javascript files and stupidtable.js?dev default.

• rje_qsub: Updated from Version 1.9.1.
→ Version 1.9.2: Modified qsub() to return job ID.

• rje_samtools: Updated from Version 1.19.2.
→ Version 1.20.0: Added parsing of BAM file - needs samtools on system. Added minsoftclip=X, maxsoftclip=X and minreadlen=X.

• rje_seq: Updated from Version 3.24.0.
→ Version 3.25.0: 9spec=T/F : Whether to treat 9XXXX species codes as actual species (generally higher taxa) [False]

• rje_seqlist: Updated from Version 1.25.0.
→ Version 1.26.0: Updated sequence statistics and fixed N50 underestimation bug.
→ Version 1.26.1: Fixed median length overestimation bug.
→ Version 1.26.2: Fixed sizesort bug. (Now big to small as advertised.)
→ Version 1.27.0: Added grepNR() method (dev only). Switched default to RevCompNR=T.
→ Version 1.28.0: Fixed second pass NR naming bug and added option to switch off altogether.
→ Version 1.29.0: Added maker=T/F : Whether to extract MAKER2 statistics (AED, eAED, QI) from sequence names [False]

• rje_slimcalc: Updated from Version 0.9.3.
→ Version 0.10.0: Added extra disorder methods to slimcalc.

• rje_taxonomy: Updated from Version 1.2.0.
→ Version 1.3.0: taxtable=T/F : Whether to output results in a table rather than text lists [False]

• rje_tree: Updated from Version 2.15.0.
→ Version 2.16.0: 9spec=T/F : Whether to treat 9XXXX species codes as actual species (generally higher taxa) [False]
→ Version 2.16.1: Modified NSF reading to cope with extra information beyond the ";".

• rje_uniprot: Updated from Version 3.24.1.
→ Version 3.24.2: Updated HTTP to HTTPS. Having some download issues with server failures.
→ Version 3.25.0: Fixed new Uniprot batch query URL. Added onebyone=T/F : Whether to download one entry at a time. Slower but should maintain order [False].

• rje_zen: Updated from Version 1.3.2.
→ Version 1.4.0: Added some more words and "They fight crime!" structure.

Updates in tools/:

• gablam: Updated from Version 2.28.3.
→ Version 2.29.0: Added localGFF=T/F output

• gasp: Updated from Version 1.4.
→ Version 2.0.0: Upgraded to rje_obj framework for REST server.

• gasp_V1: Created/Renamed/moved.
→ Version 0.0: Initial Compilation.
→ Version 1.0: Improved version with second pass.
→ Version 1.1: Improved OO. Restriction to descendant AAs. (Good for BAD etc.)
→ Version 1.2: No Out Object in Objects
→ Version 1.3: Added more interactive load options
→ Version 1.4: Minor tweaks to imports.

• gopher: Updated from Version 3.4.2.
→ Version 3.4.3: Added checking and warning if no bootstraps for orthtree.

• haqesac: Updated from Version 1.11.0.
→ Version 1.12.0: 9spec=T/F : Whether to treat 9XXXX species codes as actual species (generally higher taxa) [False]

• multihaq: Updated from Version 1.3.0.
→ Version 1.4.0: Added SLiMFarmer batch forking if autoskip=F and i=-1.
→ Version 1.4.1: Added haqblastdir=PATH: Directory in which MultiHAQ BLAST2FAS BLAST runs will be performed [./HAQBLAST/]

• pagsat: Updated from Version 2.3.3.
→ Version 2.3.4: Fixed full.fas request bug.
→ Version 2.4.0: Added PAGSAT compile mode to generate comparisons of reference chromosomes across assemblies.

• seqsuite: Updated from Version 1.14.0.
→ Version 1.14.1: Added zentest for testing the REST servers.
→ Version 1.15.0: Added GASP to REST servers.
→ Version 1.16.0: Add rje_gff.GFF to REST servers.
→ Version 1.17.0: Added batch summarise mode.
→ Version 1.18.0: Added rje_apollo.Apollo to REST servers.
→ Version 1.19.0: Tweaked the output of batch summarise, adding Gap% and reducing dp for some fields.
→ Version 1.19.1: Fixed GapPC summarise output to be a percentage, not a fraction.

• slimbench: Updated from Version 2.14.0.
→ Version 2.14.1: Fixed up PPIBench results loading.
→ Version 2.14.2: Fixed ByCloud bug.
→ Version 2.15.0: Updated assessSearchMemSaver() to handle different data types properly. dombench not yet supported.
→ Version 2.16.0: Added ppi hub/slim summary and motif filter for assessment datasets post-rating (still count as OT)
→ Version 2.16.1: Bug-fixing PPI generation from pairwise PPI files.
→ Version 2.16.2: Fixed benchmarking setup bug.
→ Version 2.16.3: Fixed bug when Hub-PPI links fail during PPI Benchmarking.
→ Version 2.17.0: Added output of missing datasets when balanced=T.
→ Version 2.18.0: Added dev OccBench with improved ratings and more efficient results handling. (dev only)
→ Version 2.18.1: Added additional OccBench options (bymotif, occsource, occspec)
→ Version 2.18.2: Fixed problem with source file selection ignoring i=-1.

• slimfarmer: Updated from Version 1.7.0.
→ Version 1.8.0: jobforks=X : Number of forks to pass to farmed out run if >0 [0]
→ Version 1.9.0: daisychain=X : Chain together a set of qsub runs of the same call that depend on the previous job.

• slimfinder: Updated from Version 5.3.3.
→ Version 5.3.4: Fixed terminal (^/$) musthave bug.

• slimsuite: Updated from Version 1.7.0.
→ Version 1.7.1: Added error raising for protected REST alias data.

• smrtscape: Updated from Version 2.2.1.
→ Version 2.2.2: Added dna=T to all SeqList object generation.

• snapper: Updated from Version 1.6.0.
→ Version 1.6.1: Fixed bug for reducing to unique-unique pairings that was over-filtering.

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Tuesday 16 January 2018

SLiMSuite REST server is back up

The REST server is back up. The development server is currently having an upgrade and should not be used.

SLiMSuite REST server is currently down

The SLiMSuite REST server is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. It will hopefully be back up soon.